Skin on Skin
Last week I got a message via the contact form on this site:

Hello, 43 year old inexperienced male here looking for a mature male escort for a first sexual experience. (A little nervous) I live in Stevenage Hertfordshire but I’d like to meet in Cambridge. Possibly a hotel visit. Can you forward me a rough cost estimate. Hourly rate / overnight rate etc.
Warm regards, Chris

It made a welcome change from the endless spamming for all kindsa stuff from embedded videos to rucksacks to crypto courses to SEO blah blah, but to be fair, I do find a few diamonds in the rough. And Chris was definitely one of ’em. I’ve always liked that idiom… the thought of precious stones won from days, weeks, months even of prospecting strikes a chord. For three decades I’ve campaigned on the street for products, good causes, politics and more. There have been times when my feet have gotten red from tramping pavements UNTIL….. I got interest from a prospect, or converted a ‘they’re all the same, so I don’t bother voting’ to a ‘where is it I have to cast my vote?’ In other words persistence, discipline and motivation win in the end. Yes you need to go through a lot of rubbish, but stick to those three traits, and success is guaranteed. Trouble is you never know quite WHEN. Sometimes it’s almost too easy. Other times you’ll experience a drought which seems to go on FOREVER. Until.

Seasoned operators know every day of drought is a day nearer to it ending. Given my years of experience prospecting on the street, its no wonder I yearn to do the real thing, prospecting in the wild. I’m fortunate (although to a degree one makes one’s own luck) to have done most of the things I’ve wanted to do in life. If I died tomorrow I wouldn’t be going to my grave ‘wondering’ unlike most. But still, I’d love to spend six months in somewhere like Alaska, or Africa, panning, probably with another kindred soul… knowing if we keep at it, we WILL be rewarded. One day perhaps. In the meantime, there are people like Chris.

Diamonds in the roughCollins Dictionary defines ‘diamond in the rough’ as ‘a person who is kinder and more pleasant than they seem to be from their appearance and manner’. After a couple of messages, we spoke to one another on the phone. He forewarned me that he ‘looked scary’ but underneath was a big softy. I’m not going to elaborate on his appearance for the sake of anonymity, but if I told you his adornments were what some people liken to ‘a window into a person’s soul’ you’ll likely know what I mean. I never meet anyone new without a brief phone chat; it kind of sorts the wheat from the chaff, and ensures I don’t meet anyone who’s wildly incompatible. There are many ‘service providers’ who will meet anyone for the cash… it’s what the do-gooders refer to as ‘the trap’ of sexwork, and a slippery slope of desperation. Their knowledge, TRUE knowledge of our trade though is blighted by bias & ignorance. Journalists sometimes pitch me and/or my partner for juicy stories about escorting or domination. We never grant them an audience, purely because they will invariably twist the narrative and portray us as victims. That’s all part & parcel of working in the ‘oldest profession’. The phone call went well….usually it’s no more than 3-4 minutes of pleasantries intermingled with searching questions disguised by banter. Chris was different though. To be fair, most of the people I see or ‘we see’ as a couple, are similar to him…thoughtful souls with intelligence and a zest for life, often dulled by their ‘situation’ or some recent event that may have been life changing; an accident, bereavement, military service, serious illness, retirement… and not just people in later life either, many are in their early forties. ‘Situations’ are commonly relationships which in hindsight they should never have gotten into, but that’s life isn’t it. All I would say about that having talked to thousands of men, is if you’re in that category, do something about it and look after #1. Chris’s phone call lasted three quarters of an hour. It wasn’t long before he ‘ventured’ some quite private information. It quickly became apparent we were both very much on the same page with regard to current affairs, politics, activism & independence, business & self employment. Things looked good. I crunched some numbers, shared them with him later, along with a couple of hotel options, and a week later was on the road to Cambridge, 205 miles from home, to meet. As usual for these types of bookings, I chose a fairly upmarket establishment… the better the place the less surveillance, and you get SPACE. Go cheap and cheerful like Premier and you’re up against a zillion cameras, keycards in lifts, inquisitive jobs worth’s on reception….you get my drift. Mind even Premier’s aren’t cheap today, with North East hotels routinely demanding £165 a night….as they claw back lost profits due to the plandemic. Yes, you read that right.

Chris’s satnav led him astray, and I did wonder while waiting in the bar if he was going to be a No Show. I’ve had couples pre-pay me in full and STILL lose their bottle & fail to turn up or go ahead with a booking. Easy money you might say, but ‘No!’ not really. Escorting is often ‘feast or famine’ and a long distance booking will invariably mean I’ve blown possible clients out a day or so either side, so not good. In time though, Chris appeared, flustered as he strode in, with a small shoulder bag, the kind you’d just use for a gym visit, no case or anything.

He embraced me warmly, and kissed my cheek, it was like RELIEF for both of us. We’d finally touched base & an EXCITING NIGHT was on the cards. Moving to a more discreet area of the hotel lounge, we chatted briefly about the satnav fiasco, I’d got two drinks in already but guzzled both of them due to the delay…so he went to the bar and came back with a double whisky for himself and a coke for me. ‘Whisky?’ I inquired…. ‘Nerves’ he said… ‘No need’ I replied. After a half hour in the bar, we slipped away, up to an executive suite I’d booked for us both. Downstairs, he told me his situation was ‘complicated’ so I left it there. Once in the bedroom though he opened up….NO naughty, not ‘there’, but emotionally, personally. It was very clear he felt 100% comfortable with me, and for sure there was CHEMISTRY. I’m not saying that chemistry HAS to be there for a meeting to fulfil a client’s expectations….but it if IS, there’s fireworks. He told me about his unusual relationship, and fascinating profession. While doing so, I made a mental note to write about THIS ONE. Why? Because, he like so many, was caught up in a sexless relationship, was lonely within it, and as a very sexual person desperately craved ‘skin on skin’ hence the title of this missive. I’m not going to divulge details of what was indeed a hot night, with us both cumming three times each, but all the time it was happening, it was giving me food for thought.

The long drive each way, coupled with the sweet experience in the bedroom, meant I got home pretty tired on the Monday night. So I didn’t get on to writing this post until today, six days later, and AFTER another interesting meeting yesterday. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, one never gets around to blogging. Time is the enemy of busy people, but the second meet re-inforced my enthusiasm for hitting the keyboard. Client #2 was very different. Wealthy, with a stable career behind him, now early retired with an expensive hobby & a decent pension, he was as different to Chris as chalk to cheese. Client #2, I’ll call him Roger, was also in a sexless marriage, & craved skin on skin. But NOT at any price.

During the ice breaking stage of the meeting Roger went into great detail as to why he had chosen us (as a couple) to see. Only rarely did he get the opportunity to travel alone, far from home and northward. It was an occasion where he could kill many birds with one stone. It was while he was highlighting to us the shortcomings of platforms like AdultWork that I felt the urge once again to write. Because although there are 15000+ service providers on that platform, and equal numbers elsewhere on other sites, IN REALITY, if you’re a discerning customer wanting something more than a sordid shag to relieve the pressure, that number whittles down to a handful. You can call me snobby or ‘up myself’ but I don’t care… experience is everything. We’ve got more positive feedback as an escort couple than almost any other duo. Most of the guys we see are straight and curious, bisexual, subs, sissies or CDs with many of them a mixture of all those things. Kinky people who live a secret life on the wild side. Or people who WANT TO. Most escort couples the female is in charge and the centre of attention, but that’s not the case with fun50couple. Each of us works solo in addition to duo meets, Minx works as the Tees Valley Mistress, I work as fun50geeze or Tees Valley Master. I’m just as comfortable delivering a hot bi-boyfriend experience as I am in a hard core BDSM situation, helping submissive guys explore their darker side, or with a M/F couple looking for a discreet first time MFM or MMF.

What prompted me to write this ‘Skin on Skin’ post was this: If you’re looking for something MUCH MORE than a mechanical version of ‘a fuck’ (putting it crudely), then you’re on the right page. Even Minx my partner is primarily motivated by money. In truth, I’m not. Sex keeps me young & it keeps me alive and I’ve always thrived on meeting people & ‘delivering upon their expectations’ within this industry and outside of it. I totally get the ‘skin on skin’ thing. I also understand that you don’t want ‘impersonal cold emotionless & machine-like’; you want feeling & you want TLC for an hour, a night or a weekend maybe, full on but no strings attached & that’s okay. ‘In a league of my own’ was how Chris described me [wow, thanks!]. Not many will deliver a sex-perience like that but I DO! So find out for yourself & pick up the phone. Anywhere within mainland UK I can come to and I make all the arrangements so you don’t have to. Well, what are you waiting for??? 07756-209560 Speak soon x